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White Lake Farms LLC

Pure Raw Honey Along the Wasatch Front

White Lake Farms is a small, family-owned farm located in Genola, Utah. We sell only pure raw honey from Utah's Wasatch Front. When you purchase honey from White Lake Farms, you can rest assured that it is from conscientious bee keepers. Our honey bees are raised with environmentally friendly practices. Because a hive needs a large gathering area to produce well, we try to find the most suitable locations with the least amount of environmental impact around.

We often rent our hives to local farmers to assist with pollination. If you’re interested in renting hives, please let us know.

We have a passion for preserving the many natural health benefits of honey. By not filtering our honey and not heating it above 118 degrees, it retains these health benefits.  

You can find our honey at many fine retailers across the valley. Our sales representatives are always busy refilling shelves. If you’d like to buy directly from White Lake Farms, either in 6 ounce bears, 4.5oz jars, 10oz jars, pint jars, quart jars, a 3-pound jug, a 5-pound jug, or 55 gallon drums, please contact us or buy online.


Our Story

White Lake Farms began in 2007 with three hives as a family project. We continue to add hives every year to enable us to provide more of the purest, raw honey available. 

When we harvest the honey, we don’t filter it, we only use a course mesh to remove large foreign materials (dead bees, wooden pieces, grass etc.) out of the honey. Filtration removes many of the honey’s natural properties while straining maintains its health benefits. 

We sell all our container honey as raw honey. Which means it has not been heated above 118 degrees during processing as per the state of Utah requirements. We do not heat honey during processing. We extract using the method of cold extracting. 

Pasteurizing honey removes many of its natural antioxidants; calcium, potassium, magnesium; vitamins A, C, D, E, and K as well as many B vitamins; and enzymes, therefore greatly reducing the benefits of the honey. That’s why we only sell pure raw honey.




Pure Raw Honey

Pure Bees Wax


Pollination Services, Utah to California

3 lbs Packaged Bees


Where To Buy

Black Cherry Market, Milcreek
Cache Canning & Ferments, Escalante

Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop, Springville 
Dave’s Health & Nutrition, SLC
Fairweather’s Natural Foods, PC
Jack Mormon Coffee, SLC 
Meiers Meats and Fine Foods, Highland

Moon Flower Cooperative, Moab
Park City Nursery, Park City
Redmond Heritage Farm, Orem, SLC
Riley's Taste of Sunshine, Payson
SLC QI Community Acupuncture, Salt Lake City
The Corner Store Pub & Grill, Park City

The Haven, Nephi
The Market at Park City
The Store, Cottonwood Heights
The Store, SLC Gateway
The Centered Stone, American Fork
Water & Wellness, SLC 
Wall Brothers The Barn, Spanish Fork
Wall Brothers The Barn, Orem

Utah Natural Meat and Milk, West Jordan

Coellete, Jackson WY
Mozz Pizza in Provo Utah
Olive & Oak, SLC
Persephone Bakery, Jackson WY
Shooting Star, Wilson WY
Snake River Grill, Jackson WY
Sweet Cheeks Meat, WY
Uinta Coffee
Vertical Harvest, WY

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Why Raw Honey

The Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Honey has long been used for centuries to heal topical wounds. Unprocessed or “raw” honey contains antimicrobial properties that promote wound healing.

Burns and abrasions can swell as the body works to bring fluid to the area. Honey can help reduce the swelling and can also protect the injury from infection.

Why are antioxidants so important? It’s because they are like foot soldiers in the fight against illness, aging, and the breakdown of the human body. They zero in on free radicals, grab hold, and sweep them out of your body keeping you healthier, younger looking, and in better shape. 

Digestive Health
There are good bacteria in the body and bad bacteria in the body. The good bacteria help to break down the foods you eat and transform them into substances your body needs. Bad bacteria attack your system and can cause everything from a sore throat to an upset stomach. Raw honey is a natural probiotic that stimulates the growth of the good hormones in your body. This will help keep your system working smoothly.

Honey stimulates the release of tryptophan which helps make you sleepy. If you’re having trouble counting sheep, a teaspoon of honey before bed can help. Or, try White Lake farms Milk-and-Honey Bath Soak to help wash the stress away.

Age Fighter
As mentioned above, honey is a wonderful source of antioxidants. Those little wonders can help keep your skin smooth and looking younger. Raw honey has also been reported to help with acne. 

Skin Softener
Rough, cracked feet can be painful. Honey’s moisturizing abilities can restore your feet just in time for sandal season.

Itch Soother
Whether it’s a bug bite or eczema, itchy skin can distract you and scratching only makes it worse. Instead, use the power of raw honey to neutralize the itch, help heal the skin, and soften the tissue.

(Results are not guaranteed)


An Inside Look

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